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the crib

What you need to know

before buying

The Crib


Well, I've gotta say, the crib makes it official baby! Now that you've nailed down some solid ideas of how you want this nursery to feel, it's time to make the big crib commitment. By now you're probably leaning towards a specific color or style, perfect!


Having the crib early on makes all the other purchases so much easier, as this will be the focal point. It also does wonders in calming down that nesting instinct.......'okay, at the very least we have the crib!'. I should note, if your crib comes with a whole collection (& you like that look), feel free to purchase the matching changing pad table or dresser now too!

Not sure what you're looking for or where to start? No worries, I've been at this for a long time & I'm sharing my secrets below:)


the guide

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