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Trending Now: Boho Tropic Girl Nurseries

Check out this collection of simply stunning baby girl nurseries! These stunners prove less is definitely more when decorating your boho nursery.

One sure way to keep a minimalist vibe with a gallery wall? Stick to a soft neutral color palette.......gorgeous❤

Welcome to Havana! No boho room is complete without some earthy textures....natural palms, barnwood ladder, woven basket, jute rug, and don't miss those leather drawer pulls.......SPOT. ON.

Is it even a boho nursery without tassels and pampas grass?

Talk about the perfect centerpiece for your accent wall!

Gorgeous layering of creams, tans, beiges, and taupe!

These last 3 are my faves! Each brings in a hint of color, and a nod to a gorgeous sunset ☀ I've always been a sucker for both abstracts and sunsets!

If you're in love with this nursery idea, don't miss the shopping list I put together:

Or our Boho Tropics Nursery Collection:

Hope these sweet boho nurseries brightened your day, happy designing!!

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