Rustic Baby Boy Nursery Project

I am absolutely in love with the rustic woodland trend in boy nurseries right now, and couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with some unfinished wood on this fun wood transfer project for your boy nursery.

You know I am a fan of easy projects, and especially love the ones that are meant to look 'rustic' so you can't see mistakes;) I started with an unfinished wood wall hook from Hobby Lobby. They have this great new line of pallets and other wooden items for projects, it's called Woodpile Fun! and is available online if you don't have a shop locally. You could do this with any wood items, or even just a piece of wood for a wall hanging!

You will need:

  • Wooden Item (I think it works best on raw wood, but you could try with finished?)

  • InkJet Home Printer & Regular Printer Paper

  • Elmers Glue/Stick

  • Mod Podge

  • Image to Transfer