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Fabulous Baby Cribs Under $300

Let's talk cribs y'all! One of the questions I am asked most frequently when helping a client design a nursery is about the crib, which makes sense, it's the first thing you think of when you think 'baby nursery'!

So I'm going to let you in on a little secret, you can get an amazing crib without busting your whole nursery budget. I've rounded up 10 of my favorite cribs under $300, to make my point:) Of course I had to include a little crib bedding idea for each one! Let's get started:

Farmhouse Crib

I'm calling it the farmhouse crib because I can't stop thinking about how great a gingham plaid or farm animal crib set would look on this sweet crib! The wrought iron details really complete the look!

Metal Canopy Crib in Gold

Talk about a statement piece! No one will ever believe you got this for under $300. I think this crib could actually work for either gender, but am showing an example of a gorgeous blush pink and gold crib bedding collection that I think would be absolutely stunning on this beauty!

Bold Brown Crib

I love the bold strong lines of this crib, a must for a little man nursery! Bonus: it converts to a toddler and full sized bed! Wouldn't our bright 'Happy Camper' collection really pop against that dark wood?

Soft Gray Crib

I am a sucker for a soft gray modern crib, and adding that drawer for extra storage really sealed the deal! This crib would be the perfect compliment to a gender neutral ocean nursery, check out the crib bedding below;)

Soft White & Gray Mid Century Modern Crib

I am in love with this neutral mid century modern crib, and I can't believe the price point! The gray accents on this crib would really bring out the silver in our mermaid crib bedding collection!

Dainty Pink Crib

How sweet is this dainty pink baby crib? Our blush watercolor floral crib bedding collection would be fabulous on this crib! I am seeing a gorgeous ruffled skirt for sure!

Antique Gunmetal Crib

Not usually my style, this crib really drew me in.....I love that unique shade of gunmetal and those vintage vibes have me envisioning our vintage collegiate sports crib bedding collection!

Distressed Crib

You could go sooooo many ways with this distressed crib. I thought the unique color was a great match with our safari crib bedding!

Simple Modern White Crib

Looking for something basic but fabulous? This is it! I love how it will work with any crib set or nursery theme. Our gender neutral greenery crib bedding would be a perfect fit!

Gorgeous Deep Gray Crib

Last but not least, I though this deep brown crib was such a steal at the price point! It's so bold and sturdy, definitely a statement piece in your nursery. I thought the bright colors in our dinosaur crib bedding set would really pop against that deep gray, what do you think?

Well I hope this list has helped on your journey to design the perfect nursery (and maybe even helped you choose crib bedding)! I would love to see your finds as well, feel free to share:)

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