DIY 3D Ballerina Art

Since we're all about ballerina's this week, I couldn't wait to share this easy and extra adorable art project with you! This would be perfect for a girls bedroom, or a nursery.

This is all you need:

  • Two Canvases (I used 12"x12')

  • Can of Spray Paint (I also used a glitter spray on top)

  • Vinyl and Cutting Machine (it's just for a stencil, so color isn't important!)

  • Transfer Paper (for easier application but not 100% necessary)

  • About 8" of Tulle, a needle and thread

  • Various decorations like tiny flower, rhinestones, feathers, etc.+ some type of glue (I used super glue)

So let's start with cutting your stencils. Head on over to the Free Printables Library and download the ballerina and swan stencils.