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10 Baby Nursery Trends I'm Loving Right Now

Y'all! Baby nurseries have never been sweeter, I swear ❤ Check out my latest favorites.....10 nursery trends I am loving right now! Some are still going strong from 2020 and some are starting to pop up new in 2021. Which one will you choose for your baby nursery theme? Click the image for more details❤


They are everywhere from nursery wallpaper to crib bedding. I love how they are feminine without an overload of pink!


That Southwest vibe is back in a whole new way, the new desert nursery is a bit more earthy and boho. Personally, I am in love with this new take😍


Sweet rainbows are here to stay! From bright and colorful to earthy or monochromatic, you have tons of options to choose from!


I think this fruity trend is having a comeback! I absolutely adore the little fruit splashes popping up in nurseries....don't stop at lemons, have you seen the sweet orange blossoms??

TERRACOTTA it what you will, this fabulous hue is all over baby nurseries right now!


Skip the bright colors for a relaxing boho haven.


Looking for something a bit 'brighter'💡? Move over wooden name signs, there's a new baby in town! Check out these neon name signs, ah-mazing❤


Mid Century Modern for the win! I'm seeing some of my MCM faves popping up in nurseries......abstract art, shag, macramé, house all the right colors and all the right lines 😍


While a bright tropical nursery is always adorable, I'm sorta loving this new neutral tropics vibe! Think light and airy colors with soft palms and pampas grass accents.


The feature wall is back in a big way! While we still love all that gorgeous wallpaper, this new 3d feature wall is simply stunning! Bonus if it's done in a super moody hue for that cozy vibe💤

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