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Yes, it's finally​ time to paint! I know what you're thinking.......why did we wait so long? I know it's exciting (& completely normal) to want to run out & get paint samples as soon as you start thinking about a nursery, & paint samples are totally fine! Just please don't commit to a paint color first thing.


I work with clients literally every day who can't find crib bedding or other nursery décor to match the paint that they just had to put up the minute they found out they were pregnant. Here's the thing, paint can be made to match anything, really, anything! You just bring the color to the paint store & they mix it up for you, super simple. So please don't lock yourself into a color until you have some other items chosen. Sorry, rant over (can you tell I'm passionate?)!

Anyways, it is finally time and I've added a ton of inspiration & paint guides to help you narrow it down!

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