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Abstract Watercolor Drawing

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nursery diy projects

Final Touches


Nice work, you're almost there! This last step should be fun & exciting, nothing too stressful:) And honestly, if you're pressed for time, little one won't notice if some of these get added after they arrive. I should note a couple items not on this list....they aren't technically part of designing your nursery, but don't forget to pick up your changing pad and diaper pail, those two won't wait, lol!

It's time to make that nursery feel like home for your little one. Like many things, it's all in the details!


Now is the time to finalize wall art, lighting, baskets, & any other sweet nursery décor you want to add. A lot of my clients have fun with a couple DIY projects, made with love. Check out all the nursery DIY projects & shopping lists I've put together for you!


When it's all done, sit back & soak it all in, counting down the moments until you can share this labor of love with your sweet baby! Hopefully you've created some memories you can cherish forever

Thanks for taking this journey with me!

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