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Crib Bedding


Alright! So you've narrowed down your nursery theme, or colors, and chosen your's time to complete your crib with some crib bedding (see exception below)! Custom baby bedding can take several weeks & it's nice to have on hand for paint/décor matching, so I always recommend purchasing as soon as you find out the gender (if you are!). Be sure to take note of your crib features when shopping for nursery bedding, you may have to make custom arrangements for everything to fit properly. 

*Exception to the rule: If you want to purchase a statement piece (something you really have your heart set on like a specific wallpaper, rug, or bold/colorful furniture item) for your nursery, I would do that before getting the crib bedding, just so you can make sure the bedding matches and flows!

Check out some tips & guides that I've gathered for you over the years! Oh & don't forget your other nursery linens like curtains (yup, I've got a guide for that), nursing pillow covers, changing pad covers, or even throw pillows!



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